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March 12 2015

Quick video of how to get rid of these water bugs (a.k.a German cockroaches)

February 25 2015


How to kill water bugs

Give me a couple minutes to tell you how to kill water bugs and save yourself a headache trying to deal with them. But first, to clarify things, let’s talk about what exactly I’m referring to when I say water bug. I just want to make sure that you and I are both on same page so when people say water bug we are talking about the very same thing. Because of you weren’t than what I’m about to tell you won’t work for you and it’ll just be wasting your time. When I say water bug I’m talking about cockroaches in general. While this term is sometimes used to refer to German roaches specifically and other times it is used too for two Palmetto bug (and outdoor cockroach will) it is also sometimes used to refer to just roaches in general. Which in this case is what I’m using it for. So then let’s get on to how to kill them.
how to kill water bugs

So many options...

Walk into your local retailer and walk into the pesticide aisle and you’ll find quite a selection of various pesticides to choose from; each promising new wonders in terms of results. Give a quick search and Internet and you’ll find a ton of answers, methods, and other home remedies. So which pesticide do you use? Which method should you use? What should you really do to get rid of these water bugs?
Well to be honest with you, I can’t really say that I have the very best method or pesticide for you. I will say that I do have what I consider to be my best solution that I chose based on experience and previous positive results. From years of trying various different things and ideas I have found that single best and most effective solution is to use synthetic pesticides.

Which one is best?

While the same synthetic pesticide doesn’t really say much because there is a broad selection of them available. The one in particular that I am fond of and have had great results is called cypermethrin. It’s actually man-made and improved version of the natural pesticide that found in specific flowers. I found that nothing kills faster than this (minus a quick smashing with a shoe course).
What it does it is it will attack the nervous system of any insects that makes contact with it. What makes the man-made version much better than the natural version is that it will stay way longer when applied. Think up to at least a month or two longer. Using cypermethrin is very easy if you know how to use it and where to use it.

Where to get it

This stuff sounds amazing doesn’t it? So what exactly can you get your hands on some? You can probably find it anywhere, but the problem is finding the right one. Because you can find the less concentrated stuff at just about any local retailer. Just read the ingredients ever tell you if it’s in there the problem with those is that it’s not very concentrated, so it doesn’t really work as well. It might not even kill them at all. Might be a total waste of money.
What you need to look for are the more concentrated stuff (like at least 40%). They’re not too commonly available unless you buy it online. That’s because this stuff is meant for professional exterminators. It’s real powerful. The brand that I like to use is called the Demon WP. I usually find mine on eBay and Amazon.

How to use it

Now to use this you have to mix it with water and spray it in the appropriate locations. For this purpose you will need to buy a hand spray pump. It should cost you more than 10-20 bucks, but it’s well worth it. Not to mention it’s way cheaper than paying the exterminator.

Where to use it

Here some common places that you should spray:
along the baseboards
  • beneath and behind large appliances like the stove and refrigerator
  • around the garbage can
  • around the foundation of the house

That’s about it. Remember that this is just my recommendation of how to kill water bugs. Another great place to find alternative options is at http://pestsoff.com. What has worked for me very well in the past, I can’t guarantee that will work for you. However it’s still worth a try to see if it will work for you because it’s going to be way cheaper than having to call in a professional exterminator. Try to first before you waste more money and time.
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